Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm up and running

Two months has gone by since I started my blog. I opened it up to the public today.
Stumble upon is one of my favorite pastimes on the Internet. It has giving me many blogs to get inspiration from. I have to learn how to link yet.
I wrote about spring time at our home with the humming bird feeder. I have had it up since then and so far this year, I'm only seen a female hummer.
That post was just a sample to get the feel of how I want my blog to run. It might look like a journal at first.

I am hoping that I will find easy tutorials to make my site user friendly.
I do not not want a lot of clutter here. My main objective is to have friends that will share ideas with me on crafts,
and have fun.
Let me explain about what I think is clutter on sites. Lot of blinkies,
Ads at the top of blogs, and all over the place. Some times they can be too distracting.

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